Luxury villas in Pantelleria for rent

Our luxury villas in Pantelleria are selected with the utmost care, they will give you breathtaking views and fill your eyes with the intense blue of the sea, ​​the fiery orange of Pantelleria sunsets. All our structures are set between dry stone walls and lava stone, according to the tradition of the island, which integrates the architectural structures with nature and exploits the resources of the territory to allow a more natural cohabitation possible between the inhabitants and the territory.


Our luxury villas in Pantelleria are treated in detail, you will be enveloped by the characteristic scents and around you you will have all the beauty of the island. Our intent is to give you a privileged point of view of what the island can offer, letting you interact with the naturalness of the place but in absolute comfort. Our villas give you privacy and freedom, you can enjoy the island life slowly and be fascinated by the refinement of our interiors and the luxurious and minimal allure of our exteriors.

Pantelleria is considered the black pearl of the Mediterranean, its Mirror Lake of Venus is one of the most beautiful attractions on the island and we give you the opportunity to stay a stone’s throw from this more unique than a rare place. Our luxury villas in Pantelleria are built with large outdoor spaces equipped with every comfort, large tables for dinners in the company in the moonlight and lunches in the shade of the Jiardinu trees (a typical trees space arounded by stone’s walls), perhaps enjoying dried figs or a freshly picked Zibibbo; solarium where you can be warmed by the warm sun of the island and relaxation areas where you can have an aperitif in complete calm in the coolness that surrounds the “Jardinu”.

During your vacation you will have the opportunity to take tours of the most beautiful colored caves of the island, rich in marine life or to participate in wine tours that the local wineries often offer to local guests, opening the doors of their business to show the charm of one of the oldest trades of the local agricultural tradition. We are sure that you will taste products of great value.

Browse our catalog of luxury villas in Pantelleria, immerse yourself in the beauties we have selected for you and let yourself be enchanted by the wonderful landscapes of this volcanic island, all in the maximum comfort that we have selected for you.