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Bike Tours in Val di Mazara
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Bike Tour in Val di Mazara
Western Sicily is Gastronomy and cultural traditions, Archaeology and naturalistic beauties. Western Sicily produces excellent wines, renowned and appreciated all over the world. Favignana and the "mattanza" of the tunas. Selinunte and Segesta with the magnificence of their ancient Temples. The natural reserves.

The 3 planned bike stages are going to make known 3 interesting areas to ride.
The first, from the hotel directly to the ancient and magnificent archaeological area of Segesta, let you discover the hills at north side of Trapani province.
The town the group will go through are Salemi, the small town of Vita , looking to lush hills till the Greek theatre and ancient Temple of Segesta.
The location of Segesta is an inspiring place, where you can almost feel the beating hearts of men and women that lived there, many centuries ago.
The second step ride is toward Erice from Salemi. The road to reach the top of Erice is a cool route. It’s an easy turn mostly downhill halfway the run. The rise to the top of Erice is most panoramic. The stunning view of Egadi islands and Monte Cofano and Cornino will make you forget the trouble of 10 km about climbs at 6%as mean declivity. Some short road trait even at 10%. But achieve the top and enjoy the terrific panorama will be an exciting experience.

The last one trip, after one relaxing and resting day, starts from the city of Castelvetrano toward the Belice Valley hills. First step will be the “Cretto di Burri” , a big land art work over the ruins of the town of Gibellina, a place completely wiped out from a terrible earthquake in 1968. This land art work cover completely the ruins, all that’s left, by a pall of white and candid concrete. Candid concrete to hope and forget. It extends for 80.000 mq. It’s one of biggest work of art in the word.
The second step will be for visiting the abandoned village of Poggioreale. Whereas Gibellina was completely covered from white concrete and from the visionary idea of the artist “Alberto Burri”, the old Poggioreale is still in place. Even though half ruined, walking you can see the Theatre and its opera boxes, the murals in the noble big manor houses, the church…everything even though half ruined but enough untouched as if people still lived there.

1 day
Pick up at Palermo airport
Arrival at 5 stars hotel
Typical Arabic dinner with a belly dance show in private villa

2 day
8 a.m first bike trip to The ancient Greek theatre and temple of Segesta
Km 54
Climbs : 850
Light lunch in Castellammare del Golfo
Return to the hotel
Dinner at typical restaurant

3 days
8 a.m pick up by bus from hotel to Salemi
2 bike trip departure to Erice from Salemi
Km 45
Climb 1000
Fast guided visit to Erice
Light lunch at restaurant
Stop at Mozia and salt pans for a coffee and typical Sicilian dessert
Return to hotel
Dinner at the hotel

4 day
Pick up by bus to a Guided tour in Mazara del Vallo during the morning 2 h
Lunch at Selinunte in a typical restaurant by the sea
Guided tour in the greek archaelogical  area in Selinunte -2 h
Relaxing afternoon and spa in hotel
Free dinner

5 day
Pick at 8 a.m from hotel to castelvetrano
3 bike tour from Castelvetrano to “Cretto di Burri” (an inspiring land art work on the ruins of Gibellina) by Belice Valley, and visit to the old Poggioreale, the ghost town abandoned after the earthquake in 1968
Km 35
Climb 760
Light lunch in the most renowned wine cellar in the area with wine tasting
Free relaxing afternoon
Dinner at restaurant in Marsala

6 day
Pick up from hotel to Palermo airport.

Trekking bike, Luxury hotel accomodation, transfers included.
Extra : flights

For prices and more details please contact
Samantha or Maria at:


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